Brereton Exhibition

Fiona Bruce visited the exhibition held in St. Oswald’s Church, Brereton, near Sandbach, to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One.
Fiona Bruce MP said:
‘It was a pleasure to see the church so full of exhibits regarding different aspects of life during World War One, such as about rationing and food – it was interesting, though not necessarily tasty, to sample some of the biscuits from a recipe used during the food shortages then! The variety of aspects of both daily life and broader national issues, such as the display about the birth of the RAF, were impressive, particularly bearing in mind that the whole exhibition had been put together by a small but dedicated group of Brereton folk.’
‘These displays had so much to offer on interest, particularly to young people, and I was pleased to hear that groups of school children have been invited this week to look around this exhibition.’
‘Particularly moving were the nine perspex life-size silhouette figures positioned in different pews across the church, commemorating the ‘Brereton Nine’ – the men and boys from the village who sacrificed their lives during the conflict.’

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