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Fiona Bruce MP supports people living with Arthritis in Congleton


Fiona Bruce MP has learnt about the huge impact that arthritis related conditions have on 17.8 million people across the UK, after attending a parliamentaryevent on Tuesday 20 March 2018.
MPs who attended the event also met people living with arthritis, who explained how the condition can affect their lives in different ways – fromgoing to work, to coping with thedaily tasks such as cooking or driving that many ofus take for granted.
The event coincided with the launch of Arthritis Research UKs new ‘Ask Us’ campaign, which encourages those living with arthritis to reach out to the charity and ask questions about their condition. The campaign directs people to information andadvice provided by the charity, which is based on many years of research and knowledge from experts and patients. This information and advice is provided via their online information, helpline, and online ‘Virtual Assistant’.
By working together with MPs like Fiona Bruce, the charityhopes to encourage people to find the answers to their queries froma source they can trust.
Jennylyn Williams, a campaigner and volunteer who spoke to MPs at the event, said, “I enjoyed taking part inthe parliamentary reception, and feel that it was good for MPs to meet someone in person withexperience of the condition. I thinkmany MPs were surprised by the fact I was diagnosed at 31, as well as learning about the impact the condition has on my bodyespecially my hands. I was able to explain to themwhat it's like to live with arthritis every day. I was honoured to be a voice in parliament forthemany people living with arthritis across the country.  I hope that having met me,and hearing mystory, MPs from all parties will be more likely to call for improvements for people with arthritis.
Ms Bruce said, “I was shocked to learn that in Congleton, 8,201 people aged over 45 live with osteoarthritis ofthe knee, 4,929 people agedover 45 live with osteoarthritis of the hip, and 16,955 live with back pain. Too many people locally are living with daily pain, fatigue, and isolation. This is unacceptable. People living with these conditions musthave their needs recognised, which is whyI have pledged to be an Arthritis Champion and speak up in Parliament for people with arthritis. I hope that my colleagues will join me in ensuring that constituents livingwith arthritis get the support they need, and I urge people affected to reach out to Arthritis Research UK for expert information. Together, we can do more to fight the devastating impact that arthritis has on the lives of more than 17.8 million people across the UK.”

Shona Cleland, Public Affairs Manager at Arthritis Research UK, said: It was great to see Fiona Bruceat our event. Arthritis can cause severe pain and fatigue and its effects can be devastating. We believe all people with arthritis should have support to live fulland active lives. To make this areality, we need MPs to tell their constituents about the help on offer, raise awareness of arthritis in Parliament, and work to ensure that all people with arthritis get the services andsupport they need.
To find out more about the charityand to ask any question about arthritis please visit

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