Small Business Saturday

Fiona Bruce MP and Gather of Cheshire promote Small Business Saturday

Fiona Bruce MP visited Gather of Cheshire in Congleton for this year’s Small Business Saturday.
Small Business Saturday has been held in the UK every year since 2013 and aims to encourage shoppers to ‘shop local’ and promote their local small business. More information on how to participate can be found at
Fiona Bruce MP saidIt was an absolute pleasure to visit Gather recently. This is such an eclectic and friendly business that really offers something no-one else is locally at the moment. It is run by a group of incredibly creative people and the way the business has evolved and grown since it opened a little over a year ago is remarkable. Gather is a shining example of a real community enterprise.”
Fiona continued “Every time I visit small, local shops such as Gather I am always impressed by the community minded nature of their business and employees, whether it be sourcing local products, helping residents home with their shopping or providing services such as a post office, parcel service or cash machine that may not otherwise be locally accessible. It is important that the Government realise the importance of small, independently run establishments to our economy, and our communities, and do all they can to help them prosper.”
Gather, which opened in September 2015, is a small business operating on the High Street in Congleton. It is a café, clothing and accessories store and also offers many workshops from photography, to sewing, to wreath making, as well as clothing alterations.
Jude James, owner of Gather said “It is really good to be a small business in Congleton. There is a real sense of community, we send business to other local shops and they do the same in turn. I wish more small businesses would come and trade in Congleton!  If you love what you do, as we do here, and embrace the town, the people of Congleton will embrace you. We want people to come here and feel comfortable and involved. If people can see what is on offer in the town then hopefully they will look to shop here before going out of town.”
Gather sources its products locally whether it be coffee, cakes, or the local Congleton born owners of the Cheshire Mersey Wine School who do tasting evenings.
They also offer children’s birthday parties with a high tea and craft activity – though these can be tailored to adults too!

For more information about Gather and their workshops they can be found on Facebook, and followed on Instagram and Twitter.
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