Married Person's tax allowance

Fiona Bruce MP encourages people to check if they are eligible for married persons’ tax allowance

Fiona Bruce MP is encouraging Congleton Constituency residents to double check if they are not missing out on the married persons’ tax allowance for married couples and civil partners to recognise marriage and civil partnerships through the tax system. The Government launched this in April 2015, and it can help many couples to save over £200 from their tax bill every year. As well as couples with young families, a considerable number of pensioner couples can also benefit from the allowance.
Individuals who qualify can transfer ten per cent of their personal allowance to their spouse or civil partner. This can reduce their partner’s income tax bill by up to £220 this year, or £432 if couples who were also eligible in 2015-16 backdate their claim. It takes less than seven minutes to apply online.

Fiona Bruce MP said: “I spoke several times in the House of Commons in support of this and lobbied Treasury Ministers for it over most of the last Parliament – so I’m very keen for it to be taken up now it’s available!”
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